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About Us

Although ARTH was established in 1998, it was only in 2006 that we came to Bangalore. People from all walks of life come to us, for a wide variety of reasons. We have touched nearly 2000 lives, and helped people heal from problems like fear, stress, paranoia, BP, aplastic anaemia, cancer, and nerve, muscle and bone problems. We have worked with corporates like Aricent, Accenture, General Motors, ISB, SP Jain Institutions etc. to help them integrate reiki, meditation or hypnotherapy for stress relief in their daily lives.

Ashwita Goel

Reiki Master: Ashwita Goel Raised in a spiritual family, Ashwita learned meditation as a child. In her teens she learned Reiki from her mother and assisted her during classes. It was many years later in 2006, after she joined work as a software engineer, that she finally became a Reiki teacher. A few months later, she quit corporate life and chose to work with healing professionally.

She eventually trained in several methods of healing, although today she primarily works with Reiki, meditation, hypnotherapy, past life therapy and EFT. She also practices reconnective healing, Ilahinoor and Light Movement healing, and integrates them with her work.

Visit Ashwita's personal website at Ashwita.com

Ashwita's Books:

Sheetal R

Sheetal R A software engineer by profession and a music teacher by passion, Sheetal found herself knocking at ARTH's door in 2011 when she found herself and her life falling apart. As she started to heal, she also started to learn that she wasn't the only one benefitting from her Reiki practice - her pets seemed to gain a lot too.

She found that Reiki could help ease many minor ailments that affected her dogs, and also heal emotional upsets. In 2014, she also trained as a canine trainer and behaviourist. She now frequently volunteers at animal shelters and participates in rescues and fostering of animals.

When she's not busy with corporate affairs or teaching music, Sheetal offers Reiki healing for pets.


We teach Reiki and meditation. Reiki classes are usually held on alternative weekends, and meditation classes are usually once in a month.

We heal through Reiki, Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy. Healing and therapy sessions are by appointment only.

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Photo Gallery

Please visit our Photo Gallery to view photographs taken during classes and group healings.


We are located at the marathahalli junction on varthur road, Bangalore. Contact us for more details regarding the location.

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