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Photo Gallery

Reiki Classes

Strangers becoming friends: Reiki Level 1 on 25th May 2013

Reiki Level 1 class on 2nd September 2012

Children's Reiki Class on 30th May 2010

Girl gang for Reiki Level 2 on 12th February 2012

Learning the symbols in a Reiki Level 2 class on 25th September 2011

Reiki Level 3A Class on 3rd Oct 2010

Reiki Healings

Healing the underprivileged at RVM hospital, Bangalore

Sharing Reiki miracles during Group healing on 7th April 2013

Group Healing on 5th February 2012

Group Healing on 7th May 2011

Meditation during Group Healing on 14th January 2012

Celebrating after Group Healing on 22nd April 2012


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