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Reiki Miracles Experienced by our Students

My eldest son underwent a dental procedure under General Anesthesia. He is 7 years old. After the procedure, he was very restless and completely unwilling to rest. He would get up every 5 minutes crying, kicking and ready to jump off the hospital bed. I then gave him Reiki. The effect was unbelievable. He slept for a whole hour without getting up! He felt much better after the nap.

Secondly, my withering fortune bamboo plant was all rejuvenated after I gave it Reiki. It is looking ever-green now.

Anita Lopez,
Reiki 2 Channel, Bangalore

My mother has been having Schizophrenia for several years now. She never agrees to visit a doctor and we used to get her medicine from a specialty clinic in Chennai.

After we spoke with Ashwita, we wanted to try sending Reiki to my mother through distance healing. Even though my mother did not do any specific steps to benefit from the reiki that was sent to her, we have noticed marked improvement in her daily activities, just after the initial 21 days of sending reiki. We have continued sending reiki to her for another set of 21 days.

Thanks to the universal force for bringing this positive change and thanks to Ashwita for helping us to bring about this change.

Mrs Rama,
Reiki 2 Channel, Bangalore

My husband had been onsite three times since our marriage, before I learned Reiki. Everytime he was abroad, we would have major arguments and fights. But after I learned Reiki, he went abroad again and we didn't fight during that trip. This was noticed by my husband and he was the one who pointed it out.

Also, Reiki has helped me overcome my negative emotions and control myself from doing or saying regretful things.

Nagarathna G.S.,
Reiki 2 Channel, Bangalore

There was a lot of discord and misunderstanding between my in-laws and me. They would get into my way too often and attempts to resolve this by means of discussion had not helped at all. Once I started practicing Reiki on a regular basis, they began to keep to themselves and left me un-hassled. What could not be achieved by any other means was achieved through Reiki. That too without any effort in that direction!

I was a very hyper-active person until I learned Reiki, and I just could not sit down calmly without any work to do. I needed to be doing something all the time. However, after learning Reiki I find myself a lot more peaceful and can even meditate. My family is also very pleased with the change.

Reiki 2 Channel, Bangalore

The Tulsi plant in my house was dying, and I decided to send it Reiki. It did seem better for 2-3 days, sprouting new leaflets. But then it started drying up again! However, what started happening instead, was that the pot was now filled with a whole lot of new 'baby' plants. One is going, but many more are growing! Here's the picture on the right.

Ashish Pathak,
Reiki 2 Channel, Bangalore

I'd like to share with you a big impact that Reiki has had on me. Two weeks back I got my wisdom tooth extracted. Before the extraction my face was swollen and I began experiencing intense pain. I gave myself Reiki along the swollen side and within a few minutes the pain and swelling declined manifold.

Post extraction the dentist told me to take pain killers and keep ice pack. I merely gave myself Reiki. When I placed my hands over my face I felt as if I had placed a hot pan. The intensity of the pain shot up and I knew Reiki was working, and suddenly the pain just disappeared. I felt totally normal and never took the pain killers.

Thank you Nikhil and Ashwita for making Reiki a part of my life, I know Reiki is working and guiding me all the time. I'm ever so grateful to Reiki for guiding me to you and giving me a chance to learn level 1 & 2.

A good teacher/Guru makes all difference, and honestly speaking, learning Reiki from you has made its positive impact on me.

Arun Ananthakrishnan,
Reiki 2 Channel, Bangalore

This summer I was in my hometown in Rajasthan and the days were extremely hot. There were situations when the clouds would come in the evening and float away without even a drizzle. I was waiting for it to rain, and hoping it would rain atleast once during my vacations there. One evening when the clouds came, I simply wished for it to rain and the climate became cooler. I kept my palms towards the sky and after a while, it started raining! It rained for an hour and weather was very nice thereafter.

I also want to mention that I've become more sensitive to my inner world. I can observe my thoughts and catch myself when I'm thinking something negative or when I'm taking the wrong decision.

Sandeep Panwar,
Reiki 2 Channel, Bangalore

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