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Stress Relief

Stress has various causes and can be explored from different perspectives.

From a physical perspective, stress causes blood to rush to the extremities, and stimulates the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. While there is a possibility that the short term effects of stress might be very useful, in case we come face to face with a tiger for example, the short and long term effects of stress in modern life are largely just detrimental. A simple google search will give us a long list of the diseases and disorders caused by repetive stress.

From an emotional perspective, stress happens because we feel that we are at some level, incapable of handling a situation. Nature meant for stress to help us in life-threatening scenarios in the jungle. We do not live in the forests anymore, and it is only when we consciously or subconsciously perceive a situation as a threat, that we feel stressed.

An understanding of our energy systems will show us that stress is only possible when our energy bodies are weak. Several aspects of modern life such as traveling, television, computers and the internet, video games, junk food, etc lead to in increase in the air element in our bodies. This means that every situation affects us very deeply, leaving us susceptible to stress, and depression and a lack of connection with our loved ones.

When people come to us for a short term solution, we help our clients by working on all of these levels. Reiki is scientifically proven to be effective in stress reduction and management, in reducing the blood pressure and rate of heartbeats and boosting the immune system. We use hypnotherapy or energy work to balance out the emotions and the energy bodies, strengthening a person's resistance to stressful situations.

For a long term solution to stress, it is best to learn and practice Reiki on oneself. Reiki improves physical health and emotional and mental agility, which not only improve your efficiency at work, but also increase the level of calm one experiences in daily life.

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