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Better Relationships with Reiki

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”
- Mother Teresa

Some have equated love to God. And like God, love tends to elude most people.

Although love in itself is not complicated, the manifestations of love are often quite the opposite. Every relationship, believe it or not, is actually just a give and take of energy. Every interaction we have in our lives is basically a subconscious way of making an energy exchange.

When we were born, we had a strong connection with universal energy, enabling us to take energy directly when we wanted it. Slowly, this connection disappeared, leaving us with the little energy we had left with us. We now had to manage with secondary means of energy, viz. food, air, exercise, and other people.

We grab energy from others in various ways. An aggressive person for example, actually grabs energy from the person in front of him. Guilt is another favourite way of extracting energy from other people. Each time someone makes you feel irritated, guilty, small, intimidated, hurt or scared, they have taken some energy from you. Either you will react by making them feel one of these emotions again, thereby taking some energy back from them, or you will find someone else to supply you with energy.

After one learns Reiki, his or her connection with universal energy is restored, and this now becomes their permanent supply of energy. They no longer have to resort to petty means to extract second-hand energy from others. This obviously leads to an improvement in their relationships, because they no longer have to dominate, scare, irritate others or make them feel guilty.

This cessation leads to better relationships because others find this person more giving and loving. When spouses learn Reiki together, Reiki takes their relationship to entirely new dimensions because they no longer fight for energy. If at all, they may have a fight or argument to resolve differences of opinion.

People also become more likeable after learning Reiki, because others subconsciously feel drawn to them because of their abundant supply of energy – others do not have to talk with a Reiki channel to get some free energy, they merely need to be near them!

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