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Deepending your connection with Children

Raising children is by no means an easy task. The children today are brighter, sharper, and much more energetic than ever before. However, thanks to the information bombardment we all face today, most children and parents are clueless about how to effectively channel their boundless energy. Hyperactivity is a common problem in children today that parents are unable to deal with.

To add to all of this, the easy access to unhealthy food, coupled by the chemical pollution in healthy foods is also leaving children afflicted with all types of allergies and ailments.

Usually the best option to be able to help children, is for the parents to learn reiki, as children heal very quickly when they receive healing from parents. Children above the age of 3 often get curious and interested and start healing themselves and others by watching their parents. Those above the age of 7 can even learn in a class and heal themselves everyday.

Regular Reiki healing helps the children to When parents practice Reiki everyday, it helps them in multiple ways. It immensely help them cope with the stresses of having to raise children, and drastically improves the bonding with the children. Parents find that they remain much calmer around their chilrdren after learning Reiki, getting angry much less frequently than before, and able to handle difficult situations with love instead of fear. This results in better relationship with children, and consequently, better behaved children.

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