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Reiki: Not just a wish-fulfilling tool

This year (2014) brings with it plenty of turbulence outside, inside, and in relationships. Much of this turbulence is here to help us transcend our inner darkness and to help us make the right choices with consciousness instead of giving in to the insane pull of drama and despair. Luckily for us, we also have plenty of help in this regard from other dimensions. We've never had this much support before.

However, in the face of this turbulence, I've been receiving plenty of distress phone calls from reiki channels asking me why Reiki is not fulfilling this wish or that, or why things don't seem to be working out. It is not an unexpected place to be in. Ultimately, we all just want things to go our way.

Reiki is an immensely powerful tool, capable of bringing about deep transformation. Unfortunately, most of us have reduced it to a wish-fulfilling tool. Not only is this really under-utilising the potential of Reiki, akin to buying a car to use it's AC, as I often say, but also in many situations, directly conflicting with Reiki's real purpose - which is why Reiki doesn't seem to work.

Reiki is not here to make things go our way. If that is what one seeks, then no tool is ever going to work beyond the beginner's luck phase. These tools are here to help us move past our disappointments when things don't go our way. To help us retain our calm and sense of detachment, and a third person's perspective when the whole world seems doomed. So what we really need here is a deep surrender to what is, in this moment. This includes the external circumstances and also our feelings.

Surrender to Life
When things don't go our way, and nothing seems to be helping, it is a sign from Reiki that we need to let go of our desire and move beyond the situation. Focussing our energies on trying to force things our way will leave us feeling frustrated, disappointed and disoriented. If, instead of requesting Reiki to do our bidding, we request the universal energy to help us surrender to what is, and for strength to be able to cope best with the situation at hand, we will find ourselves at peace. We will also find that we have much more energy to cope with everything that is going on.

How? Watch your feelings
Deep spiritual processes involve going inwards. We can start by asking ourselves in every situation 'what am I feeling?', instead of trying to change external circumstances. When loved ones are suffering and this bothers us, before we can help them, we need to heal ourselves so that we can come to terms with their problem. A problems cannot be resolved when one is too disturbed by it, and acceptance is the first step. If, as a healer, you are not in acceptance of the situation, you will not be able to help much. This is therefore the first step evenif it is a problem in our own life we are trying to resolve. I need not mention that healing oneself daily with Reiki is a must when you are going through troubled times. While healing ourselves, we can request Reiki to help us come to terms with the problem at hand and to help us think clearly. Once this step is accomplished, things come naturally and irrespective of whether the problem is resolved or not, we will find ourselves calm and in acceptance. This goes a long way in keeping us healthy, both mentally and physically.


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