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Dying for Truth by Jacqueline

Finally release everything that prevents you from truly living

About the Program

2012 has been a very powerful, transformational year and most of us have felt its effects on our lives. While we try to cope with the intense lessons we are constantly learning, many of us find ourselves in a constant battle with our egos.

A true rebirth is impossible unless we let our old selves die first. This retreat is an opportunity for you to let go of your old personality, and prepare for the new changes ahead.

This is a very special program presented as a meditation retreat. It will actually focus on the physical death process as seen from an esoteric perspective – as a possibility to free consciousness from the matrix of illusion. It is an opportunity to receive, in a very simple way, an understanding of and preparation for your own death process. This deep and rewarding program will also enable you to share useful information with others who are facing death.

If you have any fears around death this retreat may help you to shift your perspective from the fear of death to seeing death as a process – a natural progression of life. Creation moves in a series of cycles and the death process is simply one of these cycles.

Silent meditation (Vipassana) will be included to focus on the Truth of who we are beyond the illusion of who we think we are. To go deeply into meditation is to prepare for an enlightened death. This program is not only for those who face death now but focuses on awakening to your true nature now in life or in death.

How will this help young people?
This is even more helpful to youngsters than older people, because this program will greatly help you improve your quality of life.

Jacqueline wishes to remind us that this program has not been created especially for those who are old, sick or dying. The focus is on dying to the mind and to attachments whilst alive - it is a path to awakening to your true nature while you are alive. If this awakening doesn't happen in life and one is well prepared, then awakening to our true nature can happen during the death process.


Location: Ecumenical Christian Centre, Whitefield, Bangaloredirections
Duration: 24th August 2012, 1:30pm (post lunch), to 26th August 2012, 4pm
Gurudakshina: Rs. 7,500 includes individual accommodation and food
Registration: Please CLICK HERE to register.
Contact: Ashwita, 98455 31133, mail@reikibangalore.com
Jacqueline has written several books. Some are available at this event

Pre-program Preparation

Take some time to reflect on what the subject of death brings up for you. Is there fear, curiousity, acceptance, something else?

It is also great if you could go into inner silence and ask what you would do if you were told you only had 6 months lëft to live. What would be the priorities?

About the Facilitator

The workshop is being conducted by Jacqueline from Denmark. She also has an ashram in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. She has been conducting workshops on oh spiritual development over 20 years and has helped several people grow into more balanced individuals.

For further details or to register, please send an email to or call Ashwita at 98455 31133

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