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Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that appears as a result of trauma or infection in the joint, or due to age. It gets more and more debilitating as it progresses, considerably resitricting the movements of those affected. Allopathy has no cure for this, other than surgery, which may or may not help, apart from a risk of making things worse due to the advanced age of the patient.

The deeper emotional reason for this disease to manifest is a consistent feeling that one is not loved enough, along with unresolved resentment and criticism. Although these feelings are often deeply suppressed and hidden, if detected and resolved, they can bring deep relief quite quickly.

The biggest complaint by individuals who suffer from arthritis, is joint pain. Regular Reiki healing reduces joint pain. Those who have access to classes and can learn Reiki, can heal themselves until the arthritis is completely, or nearly completely gone. This can take from a few months to a year, or maybe two years in extreme cases.

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