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Reiki for Women

Women are so special. Only, they rarely realize it. We have mother’s day, women’s day to celebrate their strength, we find numerous emails circulating around on these days praising the woman in her various roles – daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, even grandmother. But the real woman is out there, too busy to congratulate herself on her various roles, struggling to cope with the challenges thrown at her by daily life – bad bosses, work loads, tired husbands, demanding children, in-laws, what not!

Women are naturally intuitive and healing, which is why the mother’s touch is so comforting. This aspect of a woman’s personality gets suppressed due to the various pressures she faces through life. Reiki helps bring this spark back in a woman’s life, helping her cope not only physically, but also emotionally with the ups and downs of life.

Problems like PMS, irregular periods, PCOD, ovarian cysts, etc make an already hectic life only tougher. Add to these other common problems like backaches, joint pains, headaches and a weak immunity. Reiki can help. Most women find that PMS reduces drastically after they learn Reiki, and periods become more regular. We have also noticed significant improvements in women with PCOD, through Reiki. Ovarian cysts have also shrunken through Reiki, in certain cases. Reiki helps with common problems like backaches, joint pains etc by helping energy flow more freely in the body and also reducing fatigue. One does not reach home tired, and finds that there is enough energy to cope with the rest of the day!

Reiki helps improve relationships, and many couples who learn Reiki together find their marital lives transformed for the better.

Reiki helps you heal your children when they are sick or studying, and also helps you have more time and energy for them! Food energized with Reiki is also tastier, and children tend to eat a much larger variety of vegetables when they are Reiki-charged.

In-laws are also easier to manage as many of our students have observed. They tend to keep to themselves and stop actively adding to one’s troubles.

With more energy and confidence through Reiki, a woman is able to perform better not only at her job, but also pay more attention to her home. Better relationships at work and home mean much lesser stress, which also contribute to better efficiency. It’s cyclic!

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