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Reiki Stories: Lives that Changed Through Reiki

Here is what some of our Reiki students say a few months after learning Reiki.

I kept getting these headaches very frequently. After learning the first level of Reiki, the frequency of my headaches reduced and even if I did get one, my sister would heal me through Reiki and my headache would disappear.
Gayatri MV, 2nd Degree channel

Whenever I travel, I feel a mild soreness in my throat because of pollution. I now give Reiki to my throat when I travel to office everyday and I no longer feel the sensation.
Toral MV, 2nd Degree channel

The practice of Reiki has definitely helped me heal the loss of my husband a lot faster and I can now look at things more practically. I also noticed that when I think of someone they call me, and when I think of something, it comes to me in some form or the other. I have also healed my daughters during stress and they feel much better.

I wish i had learned Reiki way earlier in life. It would have guided me through so much in life. Better late then never!! What I love most about it is in its basic sense it is a gratitude we offer to the universe for every moment we are here and that truly is the essence of the spiritual journey of our life. The material world is constantly changing but reiki you can truly focus on goodness of the universe and feel only gratitude for everything around you. If the whole universe practiced this we can make a huge difference.
Chitra B, 2nd degree channel

Reiki is more than healing. It is a means for you to realise yourself and micro and macro levels. One apparent experience is related to my music accumen. The exact frequencies of notes in isolation, which I felt way too difficult to grasp for the last 2-3 years, suddenly came naturally to me within a month after learning Reiki. Just too good! A wonder indeed.
Koushik, 2nd Degree channel

Now I don't have to take painkillers for any type of pain. I have started giving Reiki if I am not getting proper sleep or if I am not able to get rid of stress. It really works for me. Thank you Reiki!
Shweta J, 2nd Degree channel

Reiki has made me very very positive. It is like my thoughts have been insulated from any kind of negative influence. I was an extraordinarily negative person and this is a miracle for me.

I used to suffer from acute pain for which I had to take injections, but now just 20-25 minutes of giving Reiki to myself, and I'm completely fine!
Swati P, 2nd Degree channel

I was initated to Reiki-I on April 2009. Since then things has changed a lot. I've started getting things done on time, I feel that things just fall into place whenever there is a need. Now i'm not-at-all worried about anything, even the future. Thanks much Reiki!
Vijay Chandran N C

Reiki healed me mentally and emotionally.. Over all reiki will help us in every thing. Be patient and practice it every day result will be obvious as i am doing it now..
Sujesh Kumar, 2nd Degree channel

Reiki has brought a lot changes in life both personal and official. Now im more stable and successful professionally,strong mentally and Physically. sometime it has also happend that i just think in flash of some situation/event and it has happend exactly same. Also till today there is no day that i fell short of money( thanks to reiki), some how money will be arranged or i get surprise income in times of crisis. Basically im happy in life and i thank universe and reiki for this good times.
Priya BK , 3rd level channel

I did my reiki to heal myself and to make myself a much better person.

Due to stress and eary burn out I found myself to be exhausted very soon in the day,I was not able to put in the required time for my business.This resulted in heavy losses.I came accross an article on Reiki and wanted to attend the same.Then I saw this website and had a chat with Ms.Ashwita and got myself attuned to Ist level in January 2010.

15 days into self healing I could see myself improving, there was definitely a change for the better. My business improved very much and now I have started to find peace within self.I could write several pages as to what reiki has done to me . I am planning on getting my wife attuned and also let my son attend the kids programme on Reiki.
Soumendu Sarkar , 2nd Degree channel

My life has changed very much after reiki.i feel privileged to be one of the healer. It can heal and help in any and every aspect of life. reiki knows no boundaries..the more u use it the more it is willing to help u. just remember to be grateful to this wonderful energy everytime we call on it.
Raaj , 2nd Degree channel

on the whole reiki has made a lot of diffrence to me as a person.

I am really grateful to Reiki for helping me evolve as a new person.

In addition, I would like to attend PLR therapy as I still need to work out on my negative areas(physical and mental). These areas may have some connection to my past life I guess.
Nagarathna GS

Reiki has helped realign my priorities in life. I understand better that money / materialistic pursuits are not a part of my journey in this lifetime. I connect with the spiritual world at a deeper level consciously / unconsciously since I started practicising Reiki.
Nidhi Agarwal

Learning Reiki has been a life changing experience for me. It is like a magic wand that fulfills all my wishes (and heals the ones that are not good for me).

For simple things like getting tickets for a movie that is running house full or getting out of heavy traffic areas quickly to more difficult situations like successfully completing a complex project on time or handling relationship issues, Reiki has been like a guarding angel. I really do not know what I'd have done, if this powerful life force and healing energy had not been with me!

And like I keep repeating all day Thank you Reiki for being with me!
Mahima , 2nd Degree channel

Reiki has changed my life ever since I have been practising it. Although i dont practice it much now, but each time I am stressed out or need energy, it is always my saviour...

I strongly believe, that Reiki is one of the best thing's happening in my life. I am thankful that Reiki chose me...
Ashutosh S

Reiki along with prayers , has built strong faith in me, which keeps me confident yet humble at the same time.
Nasia Ullas

Thanks to Reiki. Reiki has guided me towards good things in life, a good holistic naturopathy and a good homoeopathy doctor for my wife's healthcare, has made me read books like the Secret and Abraham Hicks, has helped me get valuable contacts in different spheres of life. Relationships have improved significantly as we have started looking at life in a balanced way with an understanding on the universal force that guides us.

Once I have had an astral experience, thanks to Reiki, gives me a hope that with sincere practice, Reiki will help me tread the spiritual path.

I used heal people from last 1 years , and i got so many fans :P

special my aunt is calling me mata-mantra-swamiji .
Sathish Kulal

Reiki seems to have opened a whole new world for me which I never knew existed before. I feel more confident and strong inside because now I feel that I possess the power right in the palms of my hand :). Reiki has also helped me send good intentions to my near and dear ones and thereby enabled me to convert my worry for their well-being (which I simply piled earlier in my mind as stress/concern) into wonderful healing action. Also, it has brought lot of clarity & substance into my thoughts and actions. Thanks, Reiki!

Reiki helped me control my craving for food and over-eating. At age 36 I was able to reach 81kgs from 96 and went from a size 40 to size 35 waist and most of all achieve a 1 in 10000 medical reversal - my hypertension - am off medication after 2 years. Reiki is the key...
Murali Madhav

Aah! life without Reiki is incomplete for me.I get more charged and happy after attuning people as well as healing. Feel very much blessed that people are getting benefitted by me,I just give my 100% and then Reiki is there to take care of everything.
Dr Shashibala

It has helped me to understand and implement the LAWS OF ATTRACTION OF NATURE.
Govind Satish

Well it was great spirtual experience esp. during reiki 1 level.

4 months with reiki and I feel, its not me. A complete negetive personality changes into an utter optimistic one.I used to crib about any and everything in my life. Though those were all genuine reasons, and that nothing around me has changed as such, but I have started looking beyond all those problems and worries.

An incident worth mentioning is one when I had forgotten my wallet on a shop. Every damn thing that is precious to me lies in my wallet. And coincidently that day it had 8000 cash in it.After reaching office, realised that my wallet wasnt with me.Got damn scared and called my sis back at home.After searching for some 40 mins, got a call that its lost. I started to home. I did not have a pen paper for intention slip. Just took my cell, and in the msg composing area, wrote my intentions and started giving reiki. Astonishingly, in less that 2 mins I got a call that they had found it back. This is just one out of the many incidents, where I have found my lost things.

Also, mam had mentioned about ho oponopono technique.And practicing it has amazingly improved all my relationships. It does not even take 60 seconds for the other person to cool down when hes boiling with anger and I start with this ho'oponopono.

To summarize reiki has made me a complete positive person, with loads of faith and confidence on self.
Swati Paliwal

Although I dont sit for Reiki sessions on a regular basis, I give Reiki to myself or loved ones as and when I feel the need. Reiki has not failed me. I feel I need to be regular, disciplined in my practice and also I need to spread the benefits to everyone. Laziness, lack of time are the main excuses. I reconnected with a friend of 10 years who was in the US (we had otherwise drifted apart) and now I know that I found my soulmate in him, which I attribute to Reiki.

I am more peaceful and calm within myself. It gives me immense satisfaction when I help some one feel physically / emotionally better through Reiki.
Puja Manaktala

Feeling very relaxed & confident.
Thanks a lot reiki.
I can also feel it, so it's like a new feeling & im enjoying it.i think i m bit sensitive coz i can feel that something is pumping in my hands & body from the day i got attuned
swati chouhan

I have Cervical disc prolapse and suffering with Left hand pain from past 2 months. Reiki became part of healing in my health problem and showed me a good doctor, where I can get medication without a surgery. Thanks to Reiki.
Venkata Bala Subbarao D

Reiki has always been the best stress reliever for me. It effects me on two levels. Firstly there is an instant calmness, peace and a soothing feeling. Removes all tiredness/headache/body pains instantly. On another level it has positive effects on life events. Like I had a phase of low and wasn't doing enough Reiki for few months. But when I started with full zeal again, life changed instantly. I got promoted, got a maid for baby care (was looking for last 3 months without success), was able to perform better in office and many other happenings. I could clearly realize what brought about this sudden change of 'luck'.
Santanu Kar

Suffering from 102 degree C, 4 times a day, for 7 days can break anyone. It would have done the same to me, but I was saved by REIKI. Anytime I felt that the fever was going high, I would practice reiki (with great difficulty though, since i was low on energy). And everytime I practiced I always felt energised and did not even feel that I have high temperature. This doesnt mean that my temperature went down! Nopes it didnt. But the feeling of wellness at 102 temp. was something that amazed me and got me through the bad days. Thank you reiki, and thank you master.
Deepti Khosla

Everytime i m helped by reiki in one or d other form,n my confidence level increases by seeing d result.And sometimes i just think of sum thing dat dis will happen lik dis n see d things happening d same way.i just thank reiki and my reiki guru for teaching such wonderful thing to me.n i hope i make d best of d benefit to d people who r in need of my services.thank u reiki.

There have been lots of changes in my emotional and physical health. I however don't know whether it is totally because of Reiki as I never feel any sensations and feelings during my reiki sessions nor do I find any difference when I skip reiki. However, since all the betterment started happenning post my regular practice of reiki, I think Reiki should be the reason, as it impacts many other known people to me, to a very significant and conscious extent.
Gayathri V M

i am very thankful for having reiki as a part of my life.i never feel helpless in any situation.

After getting professional training from ARTH there are few significant changes occured as mentioned below... 1. Lost my job due to inefficiency to handle corporate dyanamics/Politices.
2. Leting go become more efficient and powerful tool for day to day living.
3. Tremendous inclination towards spiritual quest...(Helped a cooligue to energies the energy system)
4. Some of deep seated emotion of early youth came at surface and subsided with out any advers effect on my family life.
5. Took the complete responsibility of family throwing away a bit of dependency on my brother.
6. Could get courage to say NO....
7. Gain confidence & courage (after realisation that no one helps, one need to help himself) Opened a clinic (which is not very successful) treated few sick people.
8. Few extra ordinary incedence took place which raise my self worth to further higher stage..
Thanks Reiki for coming in my life and thanks to master Aswita for channeling it..
RK Gupta

It's a wonderful Peacefulness......Thanks Reiki for everything.
Sandeep Kumar Samal

Reiki was able to heal my friend who was very ill and had high fever.
Neha Maheshwari

Reiki helping me out in every way. i am least bothered now days just because i know reiki will help me. Pretty excited to learn and go on to second level. My wife has done second level already and i can see the difference in her.
Vinay Shukl

Thanks to REIKI, I am now questioning my real path in life.

Whatever we have asked for we have got. This has happened after we brought the pyramid in our home.We started healing our family memebers. We got the contact of a good Acupuncturist in Bangalore. We started our treatment and also for my father. My wife got in touch with her old reiki teacher. She also got in touch with her old accupressure teacher.

We started visiting Sai baba temple at Indra Nagar. It was there but we never knew. Reiki took us there. Infact Reiki guided us to the right people. It has united our family. After 15 long years, grandmother, mother, father,brother all are under one roof in Bangalore. It has made me calmer.It has taught me to be focussed and finishing responsibilities in an organised way.
Amit Kumar

I used it and feel it helped to heal from headache, pain, wound, bodyache, to get nice sound sleep, helped to heal from migraine head pain. and it make feeling energetic after giving or taking reiki.

Learning and Practicing Reiki is a wonderful experience. We are getting guided to do what is right for us.

I was under medical treatment for my Back pain since 4 years. After I started practicing Reiki, back pain reduced and stopped medical treatment as well.

Reiki helped in self healing. I could feel toxins getting flushed out. I was very conscious in taking food outside before, however, i am comfortable now as i belive strongly that Reiki would help remove toxins, viruses or any such things. Also I must thank Ashwita for helping me with instant energy remotely while was almost collapsed and contacted for seeking help. I ensure that every training program that undertake, i inform the people the importance of becoming a reiki channel as it helps both inner-self and coming out of other emotional imbalances. I must thank both Aswita and Nikhil for their kindness and answering all queries with lots of patience. I wish to contribute when ever they do any group activity.
CV Prakash

reiki is a wonderful feeling,i can't say one particular benefit from reiki,after being attuned to reiki my life has totally changed,lots of positive things around me.you can get a good solution to all your problems,slowly, keep patience and enjoy reiki.

1st level Reiki helped me a lot like by healing my wife she is not quarreling with me now, she is not taking more tensions in her life now, I had healed her two times only since 2/5/2010 now she is not interested in taking healing, but still I believe that she is indirectly taking Reiki energy from me. Once my son got stomach pain due to the side effects of Allopathy tonic that too in the early morning at 3 AM when I healed him just for 15 mins he slept well & next day he was playing with enthusiasm, this situation made me to completely believe in Reiki. Still I have some confusion as we will be frequently visiting a holy temple at Bantawala, Mangalore(Dist) the temple priest told to chant a mantra which I & my wife are doing it daily without fail. I am unable to justify whether from Reiki or from Priest's mantra our problems are getting solved. I am not thinking more about the same anyway with Reiki or Preist's mantra our all problems are getting solved. Finally the credit goes to Supreme God who is playing with us.

I practiced reiki for one month continuously and then stopped. But I tried to heal some one after 3 months of no practice, I was surprised to see that the feeling of heat/cold, tingling at finger tip etc was still there when healing. And people I healed could feel similar experience when being healed. I sure had some modest success in healing some issues, but not much. May be I need more practice :-)
Satheesh Chandran

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