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Reiki Classes

Reiki, being a very simple method of healing, just needs one day to learn. Our classes are deliberately kept small to ensure that every person receives ample attention and has enough space to express himself.

There will be a total of about 4-5 hours of interactive sessions so that you know everything you need to know about Reiki. Then, there is the 'attunement', which is the process of making you a Reiki channel. Attunements are then done one-on-one. Following this, we will have practical sessions where you will learn how to heal yourself and also how to heal one other person.

Reiki Attunement

A Reiki Attunement is a process in which a person is made a Reiki healer by opening up the connections between his/ her chakras. The difference between a healing and an attunement is, a Reiki healing gives a person the energy to help him deal with his problems, whereas an attunement is the process of making a person capable of healing others as well as himself by channeling the energy through his own body.

To become a Reiki healer, you need to contact a Reiki teacher in your area and learn from them. It is best to learn from a local teacher, as you will be able to clarify any of your doubts easily.

To learn Reiki with us, please register for the class.

Why is learning Reiki better than receiving healing?

Contrary to receiving Reiki healing which is of limited duration, learning Reiki enables a person to heal himself and others for the rest of his life. Also, as the attunement or initiation involves energy work on the person's chakras, it opens up more energy blocks in the person's aura and thereby facilitates faster healing.

Even if a person is completely healthy, happy and satisfied with life, learning Reiki would still be beneficial. Learning Reiki helps you eliminate any negativities you might have picked up throughout the day, helping you stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. You can also participate in changing the lives of your loved ones by healing and energising them.

Reiki also improves relationships as it reduces one's dependencies on other people once it is learned. This leads to more wholesome, loving relationships with all people around oneself.

Levels of Reiki

Also called 'degrees', there are primarily three levels in Reiki.

The First level is called proximity modality healing, and after getting attuned to this level, the healer has to be physically near a patient to be able to heal him/ her.

The Second level enables a healer to send Reiki across time and space. By time, we mean that Reiki can be sent to past or future events, for eg. a hurtful event in the past, or an interview in the future. By space, we mean that the patient could be half-way across the world from the healer, and still receive Reiki healing. Time and space do not limit Reiki. One can experience the full benefit of learning second level of Reiki if one has practiced Reiki for atleast 3 to 6 months.

The Third level is often split into three parts - Master Healer, Master (also called Teacher) and Grandmaster. A Master Healer has reached the highest level of Reiki healing. A Reiki Teacher/ Master can teach degrees 1 and 2 to others, and a Grandmaster can teach all the Reiki degrees. One can experience the full benefit of level 3 if one has practiced Reiki regularly for atleast 1-3 years.

What Our Students Say About Us

Read all about what our students feel about the classes they've attended at the Testimonials Page. They've also shared the Reiki Miracles they have witnessed and experienced in their lives, which makes quite an interesting read.

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