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Reiki Articles

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Stress Relief through Reiki

There are several scientific studies proving the effectiveness of Reiki in stress reduction and management. Reiki is known to reduce the rate of heartbeats and lower blood ... read more.

Better Health with Reiki

Good health requires a fair amount of dedication and hard work. However, with Reiki, this work is made easier, and taking care of one’s health becomes less arduous. How, ... read more.

Reiki Children: Brighter, Sharper, Healthier!

Reiki helps improve concentration and memory, thereby helping children perform better at studies. It also aids the development of the right brain, which means that they are more creative and also ... read more.

Reiki for Women

Reiki helps bring this spark back in a woman’s life, helping her cope not only physically, but also emotionally with the ups and downs of life. Problems like PMS, irregular periods, PCOD, ... read more.

Better Relationships with Reiki

Every relationship, believe it or not, is actually just a give and take of energy. After one learns Reiki, his or her connection with universal energy is restored, ... read more.

Can Reiki Prevent Heart Attacks?

Studies list psychological and emotional problems as factors that directly affect the health of our hearts. In each of these aspects, Reiki makes a drastic difference to our lives. ... read more.

Articles By Our Students

Reiki - Discovering Our Inner Selves by Chithra
Read about how Reiki helped Chithra in her spiritual journey.

Reiki for Health & Wellbeing by Arun
Arun talks about how Reiki has helped him heal various health related issues among family and friends.

My Experience With Reiki by Nityanand
Nityanand talks about the various miracles he has experienced so far in his 4 years with Reiki.


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