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Reiki for Health & Wellbeing

Three years ago, a flyer I found sparked off an interest in Reiki. After some googling, I decided to learn Reiki with Ashwita. I had no agenda or expectations to begin with; little did I know that my life was about to change! Reiki has since had a profound impact in every aspect of my life and it would hard to measure and quantify the extent to which the impact has been. Life has transformed, and I have found that no matter what obstacles life throws at me, I am able to still smile and deal with it effectively.

I used to suffer from ADD/ADHD disorder, and have experienced drastic improvements with Reiki. I have given some exams after learning Reiki, and in situations where I would have fared very badly, I actually did very well as I was able to focus easily.

When it comes to healing others, my mother experiences instant relief from her knee and joint pain. After a hands-on Reiki healing session, she walks almost normally and does not experience the usual acute pain in her knee joints. Reiki also helps relieve the stress that gets built around my mother's neck and shoulders and improves her mobility.

My father once slipped in the bathroom and developed a stiff neck, so bad that he could not turn his neck to one side. No pain killer or spray worked. Reiki weaved its magic and the neck was back to normal in 3 days. The healing powers of Reiki certainly extend far beyond one's imagination and I truly believe in this.

When I got attuned for level 2, I was not quite sure if the distance healing works and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical at that point in time. It was certainly a mixed bag, wherein I had faith in Reiki but had not witnessed distance healing or done it on anyone.

My skepticism was proven completely wrong. Every person to whom I have sent distance Reiki healing, has gained manifold by the healing powers and love of Reiki.

A friend of mine who was not able to sleep at night, witnessed a major positive change in her sleep patterns after receiving distance Reiki healing. Her capacity to take on the stresses and strains of life has improved. Though she is passing through a troubled phase in life, she manages to pull it through, thanks to the power of Reiki.

Another friend of mine who had fractured a hand, developed stiffness once the cast was removed. A short distance Reiki healing session restored the flexibility in the wrist, which before healing was so stiff as if was taken out from cold storage.

To sum up, the world we live in often seems to be negative, gloom and doom, packed with adversity. However, I believe that the healing powers of Reiki is just what each one needs to keep moving on in the right direction with a sense of well being, health and happiness.

Arun Ananthakrishnan
Arun is a 3A level channel who has been practicing Reiki since 2009