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My experience with Reiki

It’s been about four years now that I’ve been practicing Reiki. I have always been a practical person and though I’d heard about Reiki in the past, I had never experienced, firsthand, the miracles of Reiki, and therefore, was a firm disbeliever! Energy that is omnipresent? Healing that can happen without any effort? Energy flowing through the body and the hands of the practitioner and going into the body of the patient and healing him through rejuvenating energy centres? Seemed quite unbelievable to someone like me. My father is a Doctor and therefore the only healing I believed in was, that which was prescribed by him!!

However, in 2003, my sister – also a practical person, eight years older to me and far more experienced, was forced into a Reiki class by someone she trusted and respected. Subsequently, she had overwhelming experiences with Reiki. When she told me about these experiences, a spark of curiosity was kindled. If she believed in it, there had to be something in it! However, while I was still not sold on the idea, I did think it merited an enquiry! So then began my quest for someone who would indoctrinate me into Reiki.

It was only in 2007 that I finally got in touch with Ashwita and finally got into a class with four others who were probably experimenting with Reiki like me! It was a one day session with lunch served by Ashwita and Nikhil! There were practice sessions during this class, where we were to give Reiki to one another. Ashwita explained to us the experience we may have while we practiced Reiki – tingling of the skin, palms feeling hot etc. None of us in the batch had any such experience. Obviously I was disappointed – I had wanted to experience Reiki right away. Ashwita managed to stem the tide of disappointment and almost cajoled us into practicing Reiki every day on ourselves for 21 days.

I am certain my diligence in practicing it on myself for the 21 days is what finally paid off. And then just after the period of 21 days, my daughter fell ill with fever and cough. She was 6 yrs old then. She was taken to a doctor and medicines prescribed, but I gave her Reiki the very first night that she was ill and was absolutely amazed to find her fighting fit the next day! That was the encouragement i required. Ofcourse there was a niggling doubt – the illness may not have been severe, the medicines would have actually done the trick and so on – was it Reiki that did it?

However, since then I have given Reiki to many people and they have been pleasantly surprised by the effects of Reiki! They have called it a miracle. The most recent occasion was when I gave Reiki to a person suffering from cancer. The cancer was diagnosed very late and the patient was given 3 months time at best, when I was called in. I gave him Reiki every night and every morning I visited him in the hospital and gave him some more. He himself was sceptical but was actually allowing Reiki sessions only because his wife wanted him to try it. Within three days, the patient began asking for Reiki himself. He would ask his wife to call me and ask for some Reiki – sometimes in the middle of the day! Obviously, Reiki was giving him some relief – his sleep improved, he was in less pain. We could not save him, but I am certain that I was able to reduce his pain and suffering during his last few days!

I have also given Reiki to events and to traffic and have constantly been amazed by the instantaneous results I have got! One of the most amazing experiences that I would like to share is one which happened at home. I stay in an apartment, and one evening my children and I had stepped out for a bit of shopping. On returning home, I could not insert the key into the key hole of the main door. We were effectively locked out! It was about 8 in the night, and locksmiths would definitely not be available.

I gave Reiki to my house – specifically the lock. Miraculously, one of my neighbours arrived with a locksmith! He took the key and tried inserting it into the lock – it went in smoothly, without any extra effort! The lock turned and the door opened! I was shocked. I had tried, my neighbours tried inserting the key – nothing had worked!

Now that the door was open, the locksmith opened up the lock and we found a pin had been inserted into the lock. Some child in the neighbourhood would have pushed the pin in without meaning any harm. But the amazing thing was that with the pin inside, there should have been no way that the key should have gone in! But it did! And we were able to open the door and save ourselves the trouble of breaking the door open.

I have several such amazing examples of things that have no explanation other than being a miracle of Reiki. Today, I’m still practical about everything and I just believe that Reiki is as practical as everything else! This energy is available, and for anything positive, Reiki works like a charm! The crux of the matter is belief and practice – like for everything else, these two aspects of ourselves can make us a successful Reiki practitioner.

Nityanand Mukherjee
Nityanand is a second level channel who has been practicing Reiki since 2007