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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy in Bangalore

How can I benefit from Past Life Therapy? + Case Studies

Commonly Asked Questions about Past Life Therapy?

What is Past Life Therapy and how is it done?

Past Life Regression is a process which uses hypnosis to help one access forgotten memories from one's past lives, that may be hindering or creating difficulties in the present life.

How can merely accessing a past life heal your future? Its not as simple as that. When we go through a traumatic incident, the incident itself brings with it too many aspects to handle. There may be physical trauma, emotional trauma, mental trauma, and one may even be required to support other family members or friends. In such a case, we suppress memories and emotions related to this incident, thereby suppressing the energies related with it. These energies eventually become patterns in our lives, trying to surface every once in a while and bring our attention to unresolved energies.

Past Life Therapy involves going back to these incidents, releasing those suppressed emotions and healing them. Once the healing is complete, the problem will slowly fade away and disappear. Sometimes the results can also be instantaneous.

Since the emotions involved can be quite deep rooted, and there is sometimes a resistance to dealing with them, multiple sessions might be required to facilitate a complete and deep healing.

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