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How can I benefit from Past Life Therapy? + Case Studies

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy in Bangalore

What is Past Life Therapy and how is it done?

Commonly Asked Questions about Past Life Therapy?

How can I benefit from Past Life Therapy? + Case Studies

Traumatic incidents in the past, whether in current or previous lives can affect us in various aspects of our present lives, ranging from problems in physical health, depression, relationship problems, financial problems, etc. Past life regression therapy will help you heal the root cause of these problems and you will eventually experience relief and improvement, and better peace of mind.

Here are a few case studies that outline a few advantages of PLR. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the clients.

Relationships - Healing Loneliness Issues

Sunita had a difficult relationship with her husband. There had been hurtful moments in the past which she was unable to let go of. Although she acknowledged he was generally a good man, it was hard for her to remember this when around him, and she would end up being nasty to him. This was causing a great strain in the relationship and she felt stuck in a deadlock.

After healing the incidents in this life, she accessed her past lives. She discovered deep suppressed loneliness. After healing this, she discovered instantaneous changes in the relationship with her husband. She now found him less irritating and more pleasant, changing her reactions, and subsequently improving their relationship. They now have a harmonious relationship and can deal with day-to-day issues with love and peace.

Relationships - Healing Submissiveness

Chloe loved her father but was extremely submissive. Now that she was faced with having to take a few decisions against his wishes, she was terrified and completely unable to face her father. Just the thought of facing him and his anger would make her feel uneasy and stressed.

She healed incidents with her father in this life, as well as discovered a suppressive relationship with her father in a past life. After healing all these issues, she was able to notice rapid changes in her relationship with her father. She is now able to comfortably talk to him without any fear.

Confidence Issues

Prakash had a great difficulty in facing a group of people. He was unable to deliver presentations comfortably and found it very difficult to express himself when in a large group of people even when he had something valid to say.

Prakash discovered a past life in which he had abused his power of speech as a politician, and this made him terribly afraid of speaking in public. With these issues healed, Prakash is now able to talk to a group of people comfortably.

Financial Problems

Gaurav was earning well, but all his money seemed to just disappear through various channels. He said he had never seen a decent amount of money in his bank account, and craved for such a day. He had faced financial problems throughout his life and he felt he was stuck in a loop. Now married and with a child, things were starting to get very stressed.

As Gaurav's family had faced financial problems when he was young, it had impacted him unknowingly. He was able to access and heal these memories and even though he wasn't able to access any past lives, healing was still very beautiful, and he found himself calm and confident within days of the session. He found himself enjoying work more than before, his beahviour in office changed, and the way he manages money also changed. He is now financially comfortable.


Archana had a migraine for every single day in the last one year. She was appearing for her board exams this year and the headache was not allowing her to study, causing stress not only to her but her family as well.

Archana had had a falling out with her best friend a year ago, and the family had not noticed that the headaches started after this fight. On discovering this fact, we healed the incident and the migraine disappeared instantly. Archana was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief after a whole year of headache.

Conceiving a Child: PCOD, Ovarian Cyst

Aarti and her husband had tried all means to have a child, and nothing was working. She had PCOD.

She discovered a past life where she had lost a child and this left her with great fear of losing another child. This fear was not allowing her to have another baby. With therapy, she was able to let go of this fear and finally have a baby.

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