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Learn How to Meditate

The fact that meditation can transform lives is becoming more and more common knowledge today. But how profcound this impact can be, and how fast, is rather hard to imagine.

Most people think of meditation as sitting cross-legged, holding the fingers in a mudra, and not thinking anything. And obviously, most people beleive they cannot meditate, because they cannot stop thinking. Meditation in fact, does not involve controlling one's mind at all. Far from it, it is the proccess of going beyond the mind altogether, so that it does not control you anymore. And the techniques to achieve this state are very simple - all we need is practice.

It is for the sake of this practice that we meet once every 45 days to clear away any doubts and support each other through our meditation. The classes are extremely transformative and can bring about very deep physical, emotional and mental shifts. The only criterion is regularity.

Our meditation classes are designed to accommodate those who have never meditated before, and also to add value to those who are already regular. The structure of the class involves some discussions, questions and answers, meditation, some light yet meditative activity post lunch, and some more meditation before we end.

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