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Hypnotherapy in Bangalore

FAQs & Myths about Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief and Motivation

Stress and anxiety were nature's gift to human beings - meant to save their lives when they were being attacked by predators. Now that this situation no more exists, we get lost in our daily grind, subconsciously likening our routine challenges to life threatening situations. The fact is, most difficult situations are not even remotely life threatening, and the presence of all those additional hormones is not only not helping us, but creating so many problems in our lives. It reduces our efficiency, compromises our health and also affects our relationships as we take out the brunt of office on our loved ones. And surprise, these problems cause us more stress!

Hypnotherapy helps you get out of this vicious cycle. It helps you identify and reprogram the beliefs and behaviours that cause you stress in your daily life. You'll learn to take a step back and enjoy life, as you become more efficient, more motivated and more popular in your office. As a consequence, you'll also enjoy better relationships, and find constant improvements in your health, as most ailments today are a result of persistent stress. Hypnotherapy for stress works best in conjunction with Reiki.

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