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Hypnotherapy in Bangalore

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So why is hypnosis talked of as the most effective tool to stop smoking? Because it works!

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

One remains addicted to cigarettes not because of the nicotine addiction, but because of the psychological one. And this is why hypnosis is so effective in helping you be free of this bond.

So many people have tried to quit smoking in the past, and have succeeded for a limited time, only to start again. The very phrase 'quit smoking', 'give up smoking', implies that there is something to give up, something to lose in stopping smoking. This is far from the truth. All that smoking gives you is bad breath, diseased lungs, and an increased chance of cancer. Relaxation? No, the only relaxation smoking causes is the relief you experience when you smoke, because of your nicotine addiction. There is no relaxation, only relief. Add to that all the negative propoganda by everyone, including the television, showing how dangerous smoking is, only causes you more stress, due to which you turn to smoking again - because you believe it helps you relax.

Hypnotherapy helps you see things as they are, and change this belief system. Once this belief system is changed and once you realise that you have nothing to lose when you stop smoking, stopping becomes easy and effortless.

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