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Hypnotherapy in Bangalore

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief and Motivation

FAQs about Hypnotherapy

Is hypnotherapy safe? Are there any side effects?

Hypnotherapy is completely safe and there is absolutely no potential for harm. If the hypnotherapy session has led to some deep healing, then there might be mild emotional side effects - feeling a little disoriented, strange or irritated. All these feelings will only last a short while and will fade away in a few days.

I am under medication, can I try hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy does not conflict with any meditation, so feel free to come for a session no matter what medication you are on. The only medications which might hinder a smooth hypnotherapy session are medications which suppress the mind, for. eg, medications for schizophrenia.

How many sessions will I need?

Since the subconscious mind responds to repetition, it is recommended to have atleast 4-5 sessions of hypnotherapy for long lasting benefits.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Absolutely everyone can be hypnotised, but not everyone responds the same way to suggestions. The more sincere the dedication towards improvement, the better the results. If you are not genuinely interested in changing for the better, then the chances of success greatly reduce. In such a case, more sessions might be required to first heal the lack of interest in improvement.

Myths about Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapists have special powers

This belief originates in the movies where people are shown to by hypnotised and made to do things without their knowledge. That is not how it is at all. Hypnotherapists are just normal people with knowledge and experience in the field of counseling and hypnosis. They understand better than others how the mind works, and help you improve your own understanding. They cannot help you without your consent.

Hypnotists can control my mind

This myth comes from magic shows where hypnotists make people cluck like chicken. But in reality, every hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnosis is merely a deeply relaxed state, where you can focus more easily on the issues at hand, with better clarity of thought, so that resolution is simpler. You are not under the control of the hypnotists and if you are asked to do anything against your will, you will be fully capable of discarding the hypnotist's suggestions

Weak people can be hypnotised more easily

Quite the contrary. Studies have shown that highly suggestible people usually have high IQs and are very creative. People with a greater self-control and concentration make the best subjects because they can follow the hypnotherapist's instructions accurately.

A hypnotist can make me tell all my secrets

Not true. You are in control throughout the session, and you will be fully capable of rejecting questions or suggestions if they probe into parts of your life that you do not want to talk about.

I have never been hypnotised before

You experience hypnosis every day. If you cannot be hypnotised, you cannot sleep, you cannot have strong beliefs.

I may not be able to wake up from Hypnosis

Such a thing is impossible. Hypnosis is merely a deeply relaxed state, and we experience it in our daily lives all the time. To worry that we may not wake up from hypnosis is like worrying that we might not wake up from a dream.

Hypnosis is a miracle cure

Nothing changes overnight, and you make progress at your own rate. Changing belief systems to help you progress faster takes commitment and time. Most people need multiple sessions to find a permanent and significant change in their lives.

Self-Hypnosis is better, or as effective as going to a trained professional

Hypnotherapy works best under two circumstances -
1) when the root cause of a problem is addressed
2) when it is delivered by someone you respect and trust
In case of self-hypnosis, both these factors are neglected, which causes it to be far weaker than hypnotherapy with a professional. Due to ignorance, more often than not, people experimenting with self-hypnosis reinforce their underlying problematic beliefs instead of healing them, regardless of the suggestions. This can cause more stress and problems in the long run.

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