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Healing Anger

While anger could be very useful in certain situations, in most cases it does more harm than good, the uncontrolled outbursts damaging relationships, hurting people, and in the very least, destroying the health of the one getting angry.

Anger damages the heart and the liver in the long run, and can also cause problems in the hands. Anger is a very tricky emotion. When expressed, it poisons our environ, and when suppressed, it poisons our bodies and minds.

It is essential to understand the root cause of anger to be able to heal it. Just like an injured animal tends to bite anyone that comes near, those reacting in anger often have deep, hidden wounds that need healing. These wounds also color judgment and perception, so that every incident that occurs is taken personally, and not viewed for what it really is.

We can help people deal with anger issues both through therapy sessions and through Reiki, depending on the degree of the problem. Contact us to know which mode would be best for you.

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