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Blood Pressure Problems

Hypertension or High blood pressure has been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO), as the leading cause of death due to cardiovascular problems. It is the most common chronic problem prompting visits to the doctor.

This is one of the most preventable diseases and lifestyle changes like reduction of stress, dietary changes, physical exercise and weight loss can not only prevent, but also reverse hypertension.

Apart from helping reduce stress and making it easier to make lifestyle changes, Reiki also helps one resolve the longstanding unresolved emotional issues that are at the heart of the disease.

We have seen quicker results when Reiki treatment is combined with Homeopathy. It is possible to be completely cured of high blood pressure problems, but this depends person to person.

Slight Hypotension or Low blood pressure is usually a sign of health and fitness in most people. However, when it is extreme, it can deprive the brain and other vital organs of oxygen and other nutrients. Reiki helps heal this and bring the blood pressure back to normal.

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