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Auto Immune Disorders

When the immune system views parts of the body itself as the enemy, the body enters a sort of self-destruct mode. Depending on what part of the body the immune system is attacking, this problem could range from serious to nearly fatal.

Emotional stress is said to contribute highly to creating autoimmune disorders. Deeper emotional causes could be related to self-rejection, internal conflict and/ or anger directed at oneself.

The treatment of autoimmune diseases is typically with immunosuppression—medication that decreases the immune response. The side-effects of such medication are obvious, and the person becomes very vulnerable to every bacterial and viral infection in the vicinity.

Reiki starts by countering the side-effects and improving the immune system. Our clients have found that the rate of falling prey to viruses and bacteria suddenly drops within a few days of starting healing. After this, Reiki slowly helps the person heal at deeper emotional and mental levels, and in a couple of years, there is even a possibility of a cure, or life coming back to normal.

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