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The Beginner's Guide to Reiki

Our book Healing through Reiki is a comprehensive guide on the basics of Reiki healing. If you seek to be a healer with a holistic approach, this is the book for you. If you are learning Reiki with us, you receive a free copy of this book. Click here to buy Healing through Reiki as an eBook, or order the print version here.

What is Reiki?

I usually answer this question with another question - 'What is the difference between a dead man and a living one?'.
After a little thinking, some reply, 'energy'. And that, precisely, is Reiki.

When we are born, we are nothing but little bundles of energy. No matter how much we get hurt, we heal at a rapid pace. We are never tired. We are always happy, always smiling, and never bored. As we grow up, however, things change. We become physically unfit, prone to depression, and get tired easily. What is it that changes?

As we grow up, we find ourselves more and more exposed to temptations, greed, anger, jealousy and other negativities. Unconsciously, our parents teach us not to listen to our bodies, by forcing us to eat/ do things that we do not want to. All these have a damaging effect on the endless flow of energy that we receive from the universe - it blocks the path.

Think of yourself as a hollow pipe left in the river. As long as clean water fills up the insides of the pipe, a person is healthy and happy. With the passage of time and events, negativities, like dirt and grime, settle layer upon layer inside the pipe slowly reducing the flow of water and eventually clogging it up completely. When this happens to your channel of energy, you find it difficult to be what you were always meant to be - healthy.

Reiki is nothing but the energy which used to fill you up when you were an infant. Reiki healing helps you by providing you with energy, so that you can combat the negative forces within your body and eliminate disease and sorrow.

Lastly, Reiki has several advantages over other similar systems, read more about it here.

Is there any scientific proof?

Ofcourse there is! Reiki is a very young science and as a result, many studies on Reiki are still in progress. However, the studies on Reiki so far have shown very promising results, and you could read more about them here - Research on Reiki.

Ok, I'm Convinced, What are my Options?

You could either choose to receive a Reiki Healing, or simply learn to heal others with Reiki yourself. For a normal, healthy person, learning Reiki is recommended. If a person physically or emotionally unhealthy, it might be better to get a Reiki healing first, and then if interested, learn Reiki.

Reiki Miracles

Our clients and students have witnessed many miracles through Reiki, and written about it to us. Read all about it at the Reiki Miracles page.

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