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With life getting busier everyday, a sense of calm is missing in most lives. At ARTH, we are dedicated to helping you remember that this peace never went away, it was merely hidden. We offer you various options.


Reiki is the best self-help tool available to bring health and peace into your life. We heal with Reiki, as well as teach all levels. Level 1 for beginners is held over one day on weekends, in a small group.
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Meditational Healing

This is the most powerful form of healing we offer. Healing happens in a meditative space, beyond the scope of the mind and energy. It helps you transcend your problems and brings you into alignment.


Hypnotherapy is used to turn the subconscious mind in our favour when we find it working against us. Weight loss, and quitting smoking are common issues we help many people with.

Past Life Therapy

You could explore past lives to see if it holds the key to resolving issues in your present. Unexplained depression, serious illnesses, relationship problems, may be rooted in past life incidents.

Meditation Class

Meditation is one of the most powerful transformative tools available to humanity. Our classes are structured to suit both beginners as well as those who have been meditating for a while.

Corporate Programs

We conduct programs for corporates on a range of topics, from short talks to full day workshops. Programs can be targeted to reduce stress, improve performance and peer relationships, and much more.

Online Sessions

Energy is not bound by time and space, and we frequently conduct sessions over Skype or Hangouts. Reiki classes, as well as healing and therapy sessions can be conducted online.

ARTH on Youtube

Browse through our videos for a vast range of topics from talks on Reiki to past life regression, from guided meditations to testimonials from clients who've experienced deep shifts through healing.

How We Can Help

Unsure if we can help you? We can help with physical, mental, emotional, relationship and spiritual problems. Here's a list of some problems we have helped people heal or cope with.

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